Fee Schedule

Fees and Charges

The following fees and charges may be assessed against your account:

  • NSF Return Charge $36
  • Overdraft Item Paid Charge $36
  • Statement Reprint $5
  • Account Research per Hour (Minimum 1 Hour) $20
  • Stop Payment Fee (Check, Paper Draft, or ACH) $36
  • Account Watch Fee $36
  • Non-Fraud Related Dispute Resolution Fee $20
  • Return Statement Fee: (Per Month, Each Month your Statement is Returned) $5
  • ATM WS Fee from non WSB ATMs $1
  • Replacement Debit Card $20

NSF return charges and/or overdraft paid item charges may be imposed for overdrafts created by checks, ACH, point of sale, ATM withdrawals, or by other electronic means.

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