Our Directors, Officers, and Staff thank you for allowing us the privilege of managing WSB. It is our primary focus to guard the safety and soundness of your Bank.

Board of Directors

James K Cloessner headshot

James K. Cloessner


Kevin F Graham headshot

Kevin F. Graham

Vice Chairman

Gerald L Brown headshot

Gerald L. Brown

John Earl Carroll headshot

John E. Carroll

Kevin W Cobb headshot

Kevin W. Cobb

Jerry W Gandy headshot

Jerry W. Gandy

Roy McDuffie headshot

Roy McDuffie

Guy D Perdue headshot

Guy D. Pardue

Howard Dee Smith headshot

Howard Dee Smith

Michael L Woods headshot

Michael L. Woods

Leigh Ann Ulmer

Leigh Ann Ulmer

Corporate Secretary

Loan Officers

Howard Dee Smith headshot

Howard Dee Smith

President & CEO
Marc McCarty headshot

Marc McCarty

Gilbert Branch Manager
Laura Waller headshot

Laura Waller

Mangham Branch Manager
Christie Spillers headshot

Christie Spillers

Rayville Branch Manager
Steven Pylant headshot

Steven Pylant

Chief Credit Officer
Carey Armstrong headshot

Carey Armstrong

Loan Officer
Chris Brister headshot

Chris Brister

Loan Officer
Chuck Elkin headshot

Chuck Elkin

Loan Officer
Taylor Hipp headshot

Taylor Hipp

Loan Officer
Jamey Jones headshot

Jamey Jones

Loan Officer
Chris Pruitt headshot

Chris Pruitt

Loan Officer
Trent Williams headshot

Trent Williams

Loan Officer
Dustin Wright headshot

Dustin Wright

Loan Officer
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